My nephew has advanced cancer with spreading to distant parts of his body. What we could do for him?

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Hello, mam synovce v Cesku ktery je to na Tom velice spatne , jenom34, let a ma rakovinu jater, mel peed 2 mesici transplant ale vse se vratilo do plic ledviny, zebra je to strasny ted maly konecne prvni dite a ted tohle..Asi se chci zeptat da se neco delat?muzete prism doporucit .. Thank you Sincerely Daniela

Dear Daniela,

your nephew, 34 years old man, has advanced cancer with spreading to distant parts of his body. You would like to know whether is there anything that could be done for him.

I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean by anything – did you mean for cure? or extending his life with anticancer treatment? or treating his symptoms like pain, anorexia etc. With such extensive disease I would strongly recommend check with palliative care team. They could communicate with your nephew’s oncologist about anticancer treatment possibilities and at the same time manage symptoms of his disease including social and psychological distress which could be at this age very profound. I’m sure that there is always something professional could do for patients with serious diseases. Palliative care doctors with their teams work at big hospitals, at ambulatory settings and at hospices.

I hope you will find some service capable of helping your nephew.


Irena Závadová, M.D.