UMIRANI.CZ – Information and Discussion about Death and Dying

This information and discussion website was created by Cesta domu, a mobile hospice based in Prague, Czech Republic. The portal is in operation since 2005 and aims to help those who come here by providing information, establishing contact and mediating advisory services regarding the end of life, dying, death, care for terminally ill, care for dying people and care for the bereaved.

This website allows those coming here to read and write about death, to ask questions and start a debate. As the website covers a wide spectrum of themes and different approaches, a multidisciplinary team works on the contents, projects and design of the portal.

The team consists of doctors, lawyers, social workers, nurses, psychologists, priests, librarians, programmers, editors and translators. In addition to them, the whole staff of Cesta domu provides their expertise, as we could not manage the portal without their insight into the workings of home hospice care.

In our archive you can find texts for caregivers on how to care for their dying loved ones both in hospital and at home, what the principles of end-of-life care are, how to answer the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of dying people.

Seriously ill patients can find information on the causes of pain, the possibilities provided by current medical knowledge in treating and eliminating pain and other problems and find texts on ways of dealing with an incurable disease and handling the difficult situation they face.

The bereaved might benefit from texts explaining what happens during the first days and weeks, what grief is and how it develops, what reactions are normal during the grief period and how self-help groups work.

In the difficult time after the death of a close relative, it is also necessary to arrange number of pressing administrative matters. We offer advice on where to start when dealing with administrative bodies and how to proceed. Some will also make use of practical information regarding the funeral arrangements.

The portal does not only include information for the terminally ill, the caregivers and the bereaved, but also all the general information on palliative treatment and hospice care.